Luxury Home Rental - Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale Retreats is a luxury home rental company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our one of kind service will match you with the perfect home for your next vacation and our pledge to service is second to none. All of our properties include daily maid service and guest management can assist with all your needs to make your vacation one of a kind ... Do you have questions?

Avg $1250

Scottsdale Sanctuary SCOTTSDALE, AZ

Sleeps 13 Bedrooms 6 Baths5.5 Area 4800
Avg $2,000

Scottsdale Manor SCOTTSDALE, AZ

Sleeps 10 Bedrooms 8 Baths10 Area 13000
Avg $1,000

Paradise Palms SCOTTSDALE, AZ

Sleeps 18 Bedrooms 7 Baths6 Area 7000
Avg $1,400

Mummy Mountain Estate SCOTTSDALE, AZ

Sleeps 18 Bedrooms 8 Baths6.5 Area 8500
Avg $2,000

Modern Entertainer SCOTTSDALE, AZ

Sleeps 14 Bedrooms 5 Baths3.5 Area 5100
Avg $2,000

Frank Lloyad Wright Escape PARADISE VALLEY, AZ

Sleeps 12 Bedrooms 5 Baths4.5 Area 5500


This house has an amazing pool and a great out door kitchen area! My kids really really enjoyed the water slide. Couldn’t ask for a better experience then the one we got!


The exceptional service the entire time (before check in/ after check in) really filled me with joy! They did a walk through of the property with us to help us better know the home, also maid service was awesome!


Absolutely loved the house, it was in perfect location on where we wanted to be! Also backyard was awesome!


I fell in love with this house as soon as i saw the pictures. The view is great, the staff is even better! amazed with the company and cant wait to book again!

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